15 Feb

Tiger & Woods – The Stopper

Tiger & Woods have long been a team that have straddled the re-edit/rework genre and straight up production. Taking their cues from artists like DJ Sneak, Van Helden and yes, the Daft Punks they've been producing some of the best loop based cut and paste jobs you'll hear.


Their duo's trademark has been to take 80's soul gems and rework them into modern club friendly fodder. This time it's Kaino's awesome Don't try to stop Me that gets put through the ringer and comes out sounding dirtier than it went in.But that's a good thing.


The Stopper is exactly what you expect from them. It's pretty formulaic in the way they do it, 4/4 overlay, filtered and side chained bass – one bottom heavy, one top heavy and then they just chop it around and slowly work the original into a new groove that expands over 8 bars or so. Vocals are brought in, slowly, and then the most recognisable part of the track gets thrown in for all of a fleeting moment and you're back off.


It's kind of trancy in how it works, and they haven't changed their methodology much over the years they've been doing it, and why would you when it's so good.


It's out on T&W which is a sub-label of the mighty Running Back Records form Berlin set up specifically for Tiger & Woods, it actually came out on Vinyl a year or so ago, but they've just released it as a download so i thought i'd feature it. It's also deffo worth checking out other things on the label – No more Talking for example is a great rework of Rainbow Teams – Bite the Apple (which i very nearly wnt for instead of this).


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