10 Oct

Tiaan – Devils Touch

Sometimes you need to indulge in some guilty pleasure, and todays choice, Devils Touch, is just such a track.


Don't really know much about Tiaan, other than she's form Australia and daughter of Doug Williams and in truth Devils Touch passed me by at the time picking it up a fair while after it broke the charts. But it's a wonderful electronic-tinged scando-pop song, reminding me a lot of artitsts such as Aluna George and the whole Naked Music sound and in many ways the whole Jam and Lewis sound 


I guess this is unsurprising considering the writing credits for Tiaan's first EP is a who's who of scando-producers; Lukipop (who produced Devils Touch), Joel Pott (Athlete) and all executive produced by Arnthor Birgisson (if you don't know who these people are look them up) and it shows in the heavy Electronic sound of the music.


Devils Touch for me is the easiest track to jump into, with it's melancholic sound and mid-tempo grinding drums and bass.


Anyway, that's about it, ultimately a great chorus and bridge counterpoint a relaxed verse. The track did well, it was all over spotify, but iIhonestly, big doesn't always mean bad imho and while i understand t might not be everyone's taste for me it's just a great soulful pop song.


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