14 Jan American Intelligence

Theo Parrish – Life Spice

Well the New Year started with one hell of a week, and it's all I could do over the weekend to catch up with the deluge of great music that's currently out there. However in a midst all of it there was one LP, and one LP only that was always going to get a feature and that was Theo Parrish's new LP American Intelligence which finally saw a digital release on Monday.

Really I could have picked any number of tracks from it but I thought i'd go for the insane wonky based funk of:

Theo Parrish – Life Spice

Parrish should need absolutely no introduction, a legend within Deep House and Techno, if you don’t know who he is deduct 4 “cooler than the others” points right….now! His monthly DJ sets at the now closed plastic People have been instrumental in educating the newest generation of electronic artists and this album is a perfect example of his ability to sit so perfectly among many contrasting genres.

The LP takes in and references pretty much every modern dance based music genre, from Jazz, to Motown, to Chi-House to Detroit techno but does it in a way that is unmistakably Theo Parrish.

I opted to go for Life Spice as it's just a mesmeric off time loop, that is reminiscent of the early french house sounds of Roul&eacute, Crydamoure and Artists like Buffalo bunch, just an insanely small loop that constantly pitch shifts, changes and mutates to give a sense of movement without ever veering far from the original sample.

In regards to the album a couple of stand out tracks for me is the bouncy bass of Thug Irony, the soul vocal house of Be in Yo Self and the Afro-jazz of Cypher Delight, but Life Spice is probably an easy jump in point on the album, which is an easier listen than it first sounds. The production is as crisp but minimal and there is a constant sound throughout the album – that of Soulful Dance music.

I also thought it a good time to post his interview with Giles Petersen from last summer, as it’s an interesting listen especially in light of the album.

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