24 Mar

The Yetis – Little Surfer Girl

I have got an absolute stormer for you my friends. This morning I looked out of my window and saw a beautiful blue sky. It could have been 20 degrees, but it wasn’t, it was 4. Ouch. But blue sky is the sign of things to come, the possibility of summer.

So I really needed a track to fit the boots. Like Aapie, I have been catching up on stuff I’ve been sent and I loaded my phone up with some tracks to check out or replay. After dropping my son off I got back in the car, turned the stereo on and this beauty came on:

Little Surfer Girl by the Yetis.

Now, as I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for a great two minute pop song and this fits the bill perfectly. Its got that classic indie sound and a hook/melody you will be singing for days. Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, this was the Yetis first single and they pulled off something that is hard to do, which is produce something that is catchy, sounds effortless and new even though its got its roots in things that have come before. In that regard it reminds me of bands like The Drums and personal favourite Cayucas.

Plus it’s got handclaps… I love handclaps. Check the track out below or follow the link below it to download it for free… How good is that?


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