09 Oct

The Voices Of East Harlem – Wanted Dead Or Alive

Today is my birthday and I had a day off, so, no commute but I believe the right to pick one of my favourite tracks (and one of Aapies too). This is going to be short and sweet.

I have gone for ‘Wanted Dead of Alive’ by The Voices of East Harlem who were an R&B/Soul group from the 70s. As far as I am concerned this is just off the chart, through the roof good. From my days DJing, playing funk, soul and jazz, this was always one of my favourite tracks even though, to my annoyance, I didn’t own it. My friend used to play it all the time from a bootleg she had and every time I used to be stuck between waves of jealousy and the need to go mad to it. Quite a few years later (but a few years ago) I was in a shop in Leeds and it came on: after I had picked my jaw up off the floor I asked them where they were playing it from and found it was on the latest Joey & Norman Jay compilation (Good Times 5 which is a belter from start to finish). I do believe that I marched out of the shop to the nearest HMV to buy a copy…I may have wept as they swiped my card and then handed me the CD.

It really is an amazing track. The change in mood between the verse and chorus is brilliant – I love it when the chorus kicks in, changes up the tempo and brings the mood down. The strings and vocals are epic….. I could bang on but you just have to hear it – stick around for the outro which is also brilliant

Image from soulwalking.co.uk

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