21 Jul

The Unspoken Heard – Better

I didn't really listen to anything on the way to work this morning as I was in a bit of a rush so never turned the stereo on. So, after Aapies great hip hop post yesterday and due to the fact hat both of us love hip hop I thought I would keep the theme going. Additionally it allows me to stick up one of my favourite hip hop tracks. 

Better by Unspoken Heard. 

Around the time of this coming out in about 2003 (I think)  I was buying a lot of hip hop, particularly US independent stuff and I remember clearly hearing this for the first time. I popped across to Mr bongos got a stack of 12s and first up was this. There is nothing better than coming across an absolute gem. 

It still sounds so fresh today, the computer game sample that creates the melody the simple beat and sub bass (typical of the time). That sub bass sounds amazing on a big system by the way. But what makes it is the MCing… Absolutely top draw. Let me hear you say TWO TURNTABLES AND A MIC, TWO TURNTABLES AND A MIC… 

If you like this stuff check the album out it appears on. 

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