25 Sep

The Similou – All This Love

You have to stick with me today – there is a pay off at the end….which involves a Russian, communist leader.

The guilty pleasure. Well, what is a guilty pleasure to one person is not to another – it could be sheer quality or highly annoying. As I have mentioned before, I do like overly melodic, pop type stuff, but do like it to have a little extra to reduce the cheese factor. But sometimes, you just need that full on action.

What the hell is he banging on about you might well ask. Well, on the way to work today the track ‘Good Time’ by Owl City came on (him of ‘fireflies’ fame). There is much about this track that makes me want to drive off the road and end it right there and then, however, the hyper melodic nature mixed with the electronic/dance elements makes it infectious. It reminded me of stuff by the likes of Passion Pit, Lo-Fi-Fink and Cut Copy (to name a few) that were putting stuff out in a similar vein, a few years ago, but of a much better quality (particularly Passion Pit and Lo-Fi-Fink who I am a big fan of). Eventually that style found its way into the mainstream. It also reminded me of today’s track ‘All This Love’ by The Similou. When this came out, around 2006, me and my friends loved it straight away. Yes, it is well into cheeseville but you just can’t ignore it, the chorus gets in there and sticks in your brain. I was surprised at the time that it wasn’t bigger but I guess that is the way.

The synths, beats and bass just drive it along and the little keyboard flourishes get you doing weird keyboard dance moves. But I also love the lyrics in the chorus – it has this odd line ‘Rainbow Stylin’ that we always used to substitute for Joseph Stalin – childish, but very funny, try it. And what is even better is that before writing this I had a little look online and while there wasn’t much about The Similou I did find a Wikipedia page about them. However, the main info on it is about a fad that came from a misinterpretation of the same lyric – they went for Rainbow Stalin – ithas spawned a load of stuff and the image I have used is from the first site to do it..Rainbow Stalin by Salta (hope he doesn’t mind). Brilliant, it wasn’t just me and my mates. .

Here is the site http://rainbowstalin.ytmnd.com/


Playlist Tuesday 25th September 2012

There wasn’t one today really. It was me, the wife and the boy driving to work listening to the radio. The weather has been horrendous as we had 1 months worth or rain in one day, so many of the roads near us are flooded forcing us to take detours. Summer is well and truly gone so anything to brighten the day is good and when I was reminded of the Similou track it made me smile and sing THE line – after that it had to go up.

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