07 Jun

The Shins – New Slang (Live)






Today, if I am honest, I was pretty certain about what I would post about as I had loaded up some specific stuff to listen to on my phone. Then as per usual, something came on that made me go a completely different way. Plus I warn you now, I am going to get a bit indie geek with this post, perhaps even a bit (erm, very) self-indulgent – guess this is for any Shins fans out there. Following my Jonquil post on Tuesday it is a bit of an indie/alternative week for me.

So, today, I had been listening to the Lone album which is great electronic dance stuff and I will certainly be posting about it next week as it won’t be coming off my phone anytime soon. After playing the album through a couple of times I set the player to shuffle and what should pop up but this live version of the classic Shins track ‘New Slang’.

Now, this is a well-known track. The film Garden State gave it and the band well deserved promotion but at the same time gave them a status that would come back to bite them on their arse; when Natalie Portman uttered those infamous words..’this track will change your life’. Hmm, you are always going to take a bit of a kicking after that, but to be honest, I am not far off agreeing with her. I absolutely loved the original (it is still one of my favourite songs), the album it is from (which was The Shins first, although in a former life they released stuff as Flake Music) and pretty much all The Shins stuff that has followed (although I am still warming to the more straight ahead nature of the new album).

This version of the track is a b-side from one of their first singles ‘Know Your Onion’ and what I love about it is that it shows off how good the track is and how good James Mercer is but also how much live versions can add to a song. I never thought this track would work well live due to its subtleties and the fact that the production adds so much to the original. But, despite this version being a bit ragged, you hear so much – the truly brilliant lyrics that paint the most vivid pictures, the emotion of his voice and the slightly different, beautiful melodies it brings to the song. I like to think of it as document of someone singing a song from their work that they love and that is still relatively new to them. Like Talking Heads, they are one of my favourite bands and it is great to be able to post something by them. Yep, Top 10


Playlist Thursday 7th June 2012

To be honest I think I have pretty much said it all already. I had to head to London again today and worked most of the way. As we approached London and during the cross town tube excursion I listened to the Lone album which is great, but, once it finished and as I approached work I put the player to shuffle to hear a couple more tracks. Straight up was the above track and I ended up listening to that twice as I approached work. The deal was done.

Playlist: Lone – Galaxy Garden (Album), The Shins – New Slang (live)


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