03 Aug

The Rotating Assembly – Take Me

Today is going to be a very short post. It has been a crazy week at work (which put paid to my Tuesday post) but I really wanted to stick something up. Today was a travel down and back to London and most of the journey (both ways) I listened to The Rotating Assembly album ‘Natural Aspirations’.

It is a project of Theo Parrish’s merging house elements with live instrumentation, producing beautiful, hazy, almost lo-fi soul/jazz tinged tracks. I picked up a 12 back in 2003 with The Rust Organic on and I really loved it. The other day on emusic (I am not sure how) I came across the album that is now available digitally and picked it up straight away. It really is phenomenal and the track I have stuck up ‘Take Me’ is a great example (it also uses some core elements at the centre of ‘Rust Organic’. Check it out. It really kept me going through the day.

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