01 Jul

The Rockmelons – Stronger Together (Paul Gotel Epic Mix)

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly digitising my record collection and this week i decided to load up my MP3 player with a few classic tracks that hadn't been given a whirl in a while. I was feeling pretty shattered after a long night with my son, and needed some real energy, so i decided to skip through an "old music" playlist and catch a real blast from the past in today’s selection:

The Rockmelons – Stronger Together (Paul Gotel Epic Mix)

The Rockmelons are an Australian R'n'B modern soul group from Sidney and while they've had their moments they've never really broken out of that niche, but in true dance music fashion their label Mushroom Records pushed their single Stronger Together – a mid tempo nu-soul track think along the lines of D-influence, Omar and the Brand New Heavies as reference points. It’s nice enough non offensive soul, and you can hear they are accomplished and talented musicians but as is often the case when someone with a completely different style gets their hands on it they hear something else and deliver a killer remix.

Which is exactly what Paul Gotel did, turning the track into an epic peak time trance/come garage big room smasher. I heard it at a ton of clubs along side tracks like the "Nightcrawlers – Push the Feeling on" and while it never remotely got near the legendary status of track like the Nightcrawlers it's a track that people who were clubbing around that time remember fondly.

I guess it's a track you'll either love or hate, yes it's massively cheesy by today’s standards but back in 1992 House and Dance music was only really just starting to diverge into it's different sub-Genres, so it wasn’t that unusual to hear epic trance alongside New Jersey Garage and music that kind of hybrid-ed the lot, and i think this track is one of them.

Ultimately I just like how he’s taken a quite straight ahead soulful vocal and using the walking bassline and rising filtered strings built at track that gives the sense of continually rising the whole way through the vocal, there is a dub of this and while it's also wicked it's certainly the vocal that works for me.

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