23 Nov

The Revenge – Our Own Thing

Something I love is going back to a track some months on and realising it's actually an absolutely outstanding gem of a tune. Case in point todays track, Our Own Thing by The Revenge. I've had it for months, it's actually the bonus track on the Intimate Connection EP from last March, but it's only in listening to it this last week I've been trully sucked in by it. Not that I didn't like then it's just that it didn't end up on repeat in my play list. 


Everything about this track just leaps out, a big snappy drum track, a slow meandering looping arpeggiated melodies and bass counter drifting pads to add a solid background to the track up whilst sharp snappy synths and chords drift up and float across the foreground to give the track a huge amount of detail and warmth. The track also has that wonderful feeling of just building and building to a crescendo, starting of sparse layers are added, even just simple hi-hats seems to add some genuine energy and the result is the track feels like a journey to somewhere. You know each stage is coming but it still hit's at exactly the right moment.


It's classic, Soulful Deep Druggy British House, reminding me heavily of Junior Boys Own, Glasgow Underground, 20:20 vision and the whole Pagan crew sound from the late 90's in it's slow narcotic feeling build. It's all about locking you in holding you in a trance and just moving you along on a wave of emotion.


So yeah, forgive the tardiness but I think it's worth the wait. It's out on the Roargroove Bandcamp, and in all honesty the whole EP is worth grabbing. Enjoy!



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