18 May The Revenge Live

The Revenge – Live In Paris

As you will know I'm a big fan of the Revenge, and I was a little disappointed to not catch the live show when he visited Paris the other month, i'd been eagerly awaiting the LP and picking up on some of the live stuff and it looked good. So i was pleased to see them release the live performance from Badaboum last week, and it’s been getting constant plays since:

The Revenge – Live In Paris

If you've taken the time to catch the album you'll have a rough idea of what's coming – deep jacking house firmly rooted in the Chicago pro-house style.

The set is, relentless, and more akin to a DJ set in that it starts then doesn't stop for a good hour, constantly mutating, changing groove, and smashing back in with those superb snare focused beats with lashing of resonance filter abuse. It's layered in subtle little that repeated listens unlock, but the fundamental aspect of the set is just one long mutating mesmerising set.

It's best listened to so I'll leave you to it, it's available on Bandcamp (linked below) for the measly sum of £3.50, grab it:

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