16 Oct The Revenge - Live in Berlin


Look, i'm not going to waste anyone's time by spouting on i'm a massive fan of the Revenge, 6th Borough Project and Roar Groove, and when the new live tape landed in my inbox out the window went today's original choice and in came The Revenge – Live in Berlin.


We've featured live sets from The Revenge before, notably Paris. This is very different but also the same. Obviously a variation on the same set but a bit more uplifting, starting out nice and mellow slowly sucking you in and then unleashing a raw focused box jam.


The thing I like about the set, as with pretty much everything else Mr Clarke lends his hand to, it's just a massive groove along awash with melodies and rhythms that just worm their way into your brain. It's a set clearly designed to send a crowd wild but despite all that it's still a good listen for anyone with even a passing interest in Chi-house styling deep house.


So, i'm going to leave it there, short post I know but really when it's this good you don't need my ramblings. Go and listen, and purchase if you feel that way incliend.



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