25 Apr

The Revenge – Conkers

Tracks from the Revenge are a regular occurrence on this blog, be it slow mo or deep house Monsieur Clark's music just strikes a chord with me and over the weekend i picked up the both the "Intimate Collection" and the "Roar Groove meets the Dirt Crew" Ep's, both are great and I could have featured any number of tracks but I opted for Conkers because, well, it just rocks.


One of the things i've always loved about Clarks revenge persona is how the tracks just lock you into a groove. everything is just about a moment, looped stretched built upon but undeniably one specific moment and making it last. 


And that appeals to me. I like things that should eb boring but somehow are manufactured into captivating and compelling tracks of pure dance floor adultery.


Conkers is exactly this.


It's essentially a 3 minute drum groove, an Afro-House laden beat that consists a 2 bar loop with a tuned 909 kick creating a short burst of melody – but like all tracks of this ilk it's about the layers, the additional drums that come in, the slow release of the arp'd melody, the introduction of the sampled vocal – it's formulaic but that's not a bad thing, you know what's coming but it's done so well you just don't care – and then the main groove drops, the filters close, the drums switch up, the vocal extends and despite 4 minutes of looping, dreamy grooves you're in a completely different place to where you started, and even though you know exactly how you got there you're still elated to have got there.


It's great, and as usual the whole EP is equally as strong. It’s available on Bandcamp, grab it now.



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