04 Oct

The Raincoats – No One’s Little Girl

Todays post is a short one and it is a track that is a bit different, I think. But give it a go.

Today's drive to work was music-less really so I thought I would have a freebie. Although I did have a track planned, that we had a little sing song to in the car, it will save for another day. The reason being, just before I got up to write this blog post I watched the last Later with Jools Hollland that I recorded the other night. On there was a new all girl group called Savages. They are kind of post punk and seem ok (although post-punk v2 has kind of gone) but they made me think of other great female groups (I know an all girl group shouldn’t standout and make me think of others but hey, it gives me an excuse) and it made me think of an original post-punk all girl group who started in the late 70s – the seminal, The Raincoats.

I have to be honest, even though I was aware of them, I came to them late and today’s track was, I think the first thing I heard. I actually heard the live version of ‘No One’s Little Girl’ from the Kitchen Tapes album first – it is all over the place but absolutely brilliant and it was tempting to post that version up. However I have gone for the original version from the album Move. Its just brilliant, a superb ska-like groove, prototype rapping, African percussion…I’ll say it again, just brilliant. Have a pop.

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