28 Aug

The Prunes – Pissed

It's clearly been a week of revisiting old music for me so i'm going to round it out by going back to 1995 and a cracking bit of instrumental Hip Hop in The Prunes, Tales from the Darkside LP and the track Pissed.


The Prunes are one of those groups. Even if you haven't heard of them you've heard their music. The Danish trio have had 8 or 9 ep's on labels like Mo Wax, Grand Royale and Jazz Fudge, and have also turned in a bunch of remixes for people like the Beastie Boys, DJ Krush and Kid Loco.


The point is they've got pedigree.


They tend to veer towards the darker side of the Instrumental Hip Hop genre, and Tales From the Darkside represents that perfectly, and Pissed is an up tempo groove with heavy drums, a wicked sax lick and a lovely bit of scratching that hits you form out of nowhere. 


I think I actually stole the EP from Fourbearjrs (ha! Sucka!!!!), and it was a go to in my record bag for years, perfect for cutting over (if you were a scratch DJ like myself) or just transitioning from track to track it's a great bit of jazz laden badness.


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