10 Jul

The Pharcyde – Drop

Been away for a bit and decided to make my triumphant comeback with an all time classic that i'm kind of gobsmacked we haven't featured before; The Pharcyde – Drop


There isn't really that much to say about The Pharcyde that everyone doesn't already know, but Drop is without doubt one of my favourite Rap records ever, it's also one of my favourite videos as well.


It's rare that a video really locks into a track in a way that this does. Jonez is clearly a fan of The Pharcyde and you can see from the video he's tapped into the wonky feel of the backwards sample, with a wonky backwards video (a very famous video granted).Pulling in a cameo from Mike D on the chorus it's just a song and video awash in detail. 


Would the song be as good without the video (in had the video never been made)? possibly, but it's certainly one of those rare occasions where the two mediums are almost inseparable as the making of video below shows.





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