31 Oct

The Marvelows – I Do

Today was a drive into work with the family, we got talking and singing straight away and the next thing you know, we are at work. So today I am going to go for a freebie and it is a track I have been meaning to put up for a little while.

The track is 'I do' by The Marvelows (also known as The Mighty Marvelows) and I came across it on a sounds of the sixities radio show one saturday morning. It is such an immense catchy doo wop/ soul track, with many of the components that make a northern soul stormer. What I didn't realize, until I investigated the track a bit, was that it was conducted and arranged by Jonny Pate, who I know from a number of top funk sound tracks like Shaft In Africa. When I saw his name though, the whole thing made sense. Obviously the doo wop vocals are brilliant but the drums, hand claps and horns give it such a punch that the track really stands out and you cant help but dance. I also love the fact that it starts out absolutely 4 to the floor but half way through the first verse it drops just behind the beat and gets a bit of swing to it. Really, what a track, I love dancing round the kitchen to it with my wife and boy. Hope you like it.

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