24 Oct

The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society

Just a quick one tonight as I am knackered. Plus, the journey to work was soundtracked by the radio as me and the family trundled in through the dark morning that has now become the norm. So, I decided to play the old link to work game – I had to pick a track by a band played on the radio during the journey in or by someone who was directly linked to them or the track in some way. Through the gloom came the opening crashing bars of The Kinks – ‘You Really Got Me’

Now the Kinks are obviously very well known as is the aforementioned track and the track I have gone for is pretty well known too – but it doesn’t make it any less good. There is plenty of Kinks stuff I like and much I am not too bothered about, but this track still amazes me every time I here it – The Village Green Preservation Society. Firstly, it is damn funky, the drums keeping it rolling along, the harmonies are brilliant and it just builds and builds as the track moves on. Secondly the lyrics are just…mad…but really great. ‘We are the custard pie, appreciation consortium’ and ‘We are the office block persecution affinity’.  I do wonder what its reception would be if it was released today. A really amazing track and there is a great, slower live version on youtube from 1973. Turn it up.

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