21 Dec

The Fakers – Say What Beat Tape Mix

fakersIt’s been a long year but it’s also been one hell of a year. Personally lot’s of family things happened, getting married being the biggest of them all, and on the music side amongst other things Fourbearsjr and myself started this blog nearly twelve months ago with a couple of very low key posts and almost no direction until we eventually found our rhythm and got into the flow of it. It’s slowly built a small but loyal following, been picked up by Hype Machine and everyone seems to have bought into what we want to do which is just write about great music. don’t get me wrong we’re not FACT or RA or the likes but we like to think we’ve made a nice little corner for ourselves where i’d like to think that even if You haven’t liked everything we’ve put up you’ve enjoyed the majority of it. So on that note we’re going to take a short break over the Christmas and New Year period and come back ready and refreshed on the 2nd January.

But before we do that i wanted to point you int he direction of some amazing music that’s been doing it for me, so you lucky gits are getting two posts today, both of which should give you plenty of great listening over the next week or so.

So first up is the quite frankly brilliant The Fakers – Say What Beat Tape.

It dropped a few months ago via bandcamp to buy and soundcloud to listen and i was just too bloody busy to blog it at the time. Much to my regret, as it turned out to be a cracking listen that stayed on my MP3 player for ages and constantly got bumped.

Essentially the mixtape its a stack of breaks and other samples cut scratched chopped and sliced together by the mysterious produciton team The Fakers. It’s quite a straight ahead listen, running for just over 20 minutes, it’s a real trainspotters wet dream, but it ebbs and flows so well that even if you’re not a sample afficiondo i reckon you’ll like it, taking in classic fucnk and soul, prog rock, classical music ah… pretty much everything including library records and spoken word samples. The mood of the tape moves nicely as well, dark hip hop beats uplfiting strings and disco and funk tinged samples mean it never gets boring and the production is absolutely spot on, and so polished you can easily see MC’s ripping it up over it, and i have to say it’s been driving me crazy how good it actually is. There are some real stand out moments in the mix, for me the 10-20 minute segment is the money shot (oooh you gotta get down).

Even nicer is the fact that after a couple of months of being very limited they’ve made it available as a free download, so i suggest you grab it now before it disappears again.

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