05 Aug

The Dust Brothers – Chemical Beats

Everynow and then you need a bit of nose bleed acid in yer ears, and today was one of those moments. It's been a long few weeks, and today was the final straw and i decided i was going to book some leave. Having finally taken that decision I decided to unlesh my pent up frustration with an uber hard acid wig out (music not the drug), and loaded up the MP3 player with a bunch of old tracks…. Stakker – Humanoid, Caucasian Boy – Northern Lights and this insane track:

The Dust Brothers – Chemical Beats.

Now, The Dust Brothers as you most probably know was the original name for the Chemical Brothers. A legal dispute with the american production team of the same name led to them changing their name and blasting off into the stratosphere and taking the world by storm whilst the Dust Brothers having turned in a seminal album in Paul's Boutique for the Beastie Boys kind of disappeared really…

Anyway, the crux of it is this track is from a time before they were the Chemical Brothers, before they were working with people like Noel Gallagher and Tim Burgess etc… a time when all their music was for was smashing the roof of the Heavenly Social.

From the EP 14th Century Sky on Collect Boys Own back in 1994, I don't think this version ever got an official release being reworked for the "Exit Planet Dust" LP. I like what they went onto do, and it's hard to deny they weren't successful, probably second only to Daft Punk in the Dance Music legendary status, but when i think of the Chemical Brothers i still to this day think "dust Brothers" and that always leads my mind back to this.

It's a hard listen, so be prepared, but if you can stick with the harsh analog lead line it's a great tune.

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