15 Aug

The Dead Rose Music Company – Soothe My Mind

Been following the Dead Rose Music Company for a while now. Ever since I heard his re-edit of the incredible Gladys Knight and the Pips – Taste of Bitter Love. “Just a Bitter love”, a lovely slow-mo cut up of said track. Well i say re-edit, but he pretty much replayed everything bar the vocal if i understand his production process correctly. That was two years ago and since then he's had a number of tracks released on various labels such as House of Disco, Sleazy Beats and Lets play House.

What i find interesting about his output is the fact he moves from edit to slo-mo house track to deep electronica so effortlessly, and todays choice, Soothe My Mind on the Young Adult label is a great example of how he blends all these styles into one. On top of that I find a lot of his output really dark, this is no exception, despite his tracks soulful funk and disco sample roots.

On first listen it's a slo-mo deep house track, on second listen it's a cut up of the might Slave "just a touch of Love" on third listen it's just a cracking early evening deep groove stomper.

I'm not going to witter on for long on this one, as it's just a cracking track. It's on the Young Adults Volume One EP, which is on the Seed subsidiary of the same name and came out some time last month i think. I grabbed it off eMusic, but it's available everywhere.

Also if you have an interest int he actual music making process there is a nice interview with DRMC on the brilliant No Dough Music Blog – click to follow

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