22 Jul

The Ciphershow – The 45 King

You'll have to indulge me for a few moments because i'm going to tell a quick story.

About 10 years ago I'd just moved to Belgium, and had pretty much stopped DJ'ing out. I'd decided I'd had enough and apart from the odd gig here and there I wasn't really going to pursue it outside of making mix tapes etc… anyway, about 4-5 months after I moved my friend Jan got me posting on a DJ forum, I think it was Serato's and a lot of people were b*tching and moaning about being a DJ.

So I decided to write a long post about the does and don'ts of being a small club/bar DJ – somehow I thought what I had to say was useful and I proceeded to say something along the lines of, be nice to the door staff, be nice to the bar staff, if you don’t want to play a request say you don’t have it don’t be rude, be professional, don't get wasted at gigs and so on…..you get the drift. As is the norm on internet forums I got a bit of abuse, then about two three days later I got a private message from a guy on the forum saying "hey read your post, completely agree and just wanted to say well done". 

We got chatting, and exchanged two, maybe three, messages in total. The final of which was along the lines of "hey, cool talking, here are some beats I made, hope you can use them, take care", signed off "Mark".

I didn't really think anything of it, listened to the beats and they were dope, and I just carried on reading the forum and minding my own business (pretty much) and then i realised by way of the Forum that the guy i'd been conversing with was in fact DJ Mark The 45 King.

I remember being amazed at how nice he was and also that he was even on there, if you don't know that's The 45 king as in one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time, the man behind Jay-Z's – Hard Knock Life and Eminem's – Stan. The man behind one of the biggest dance hit's ever The 900 Number, the man behind Queen Latifah.. the list is endless.

The brilliant The Cipher Show caught up with him, and it's a fascinating listen.

It has to be said Mark doesn't sound like the easiest or most comfortable of interviewees but Shawn Setaro does a magnificent job of getting someone who's clearly uncomfortable talking about himself opening up delivering one of the most interesting interviews I think they've done.

I've featured a couple of Cipher Show podcasts before and  they are in our Blog Love page, and as i always say you can get over to their website and subscribe to the show the more support you show, the stronger it makes the show in regards to getting guests. You can also suggest future guests/topics via their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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