18 Mar

The Cipher Show – Prince Paul

I don't listen to many podcasts on my way into work, but today was an exception and I listened to the superb The Cipher Podcast. The Cipher Show is a superb bit of Hip Hop documentation, but today’s was of particular interest as they caught up with Prince Paul to talk a retrospective of his career.

It might seem strange to have a spoken word choice for our selection but if like me you grew up listening to groups like De La Soul, Stetsasonic and 3rd Bass then the name Prince Paul will mean everything to you. If not, that's ok keep reading because he's the man behind some of your favourite ever Hip Hop tracks.

Starting out as the DJ for Stetsasonic he went on to produce the amazing "3ft High and Rising" for De La Soul and then the unbelivable GraveDiggaz album Niggamortis.

​There is not much more to say than other than check it out by either downloading it at: here or listening below:

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