26 Jul

The Chap – Talk Back

The Chap are an interesting band, one that I have a few tracks by that I really like, but one where I have for whatever reason not got round to picking up their full albums. I first bumped into them via a track called ‘I got flattened by a pig farmer’ from their first album ‘The Horse’. It’s a great minimal, electronic track with a healthy slice of humour and melodies waiting to break out but being suppressed by the band. They are often described as a ‘quirky north London quintet’, who apparently walk a tight rope between electronica, pop and humour; fair enough I suppose.

A few weeks ago I came across their latest album ‘We are nobody’ which; true to their type of humour followed a greatest hits album called ‘We are the greatest’. While the humour and experimentalism are still there it is a bit more straight ahead than things I have previously heard. It is a great album with a pop undercurrent, but suitably wonky and creative enough to be nowhere near mainstream or boring.

I got stuck choosing between the tracks Painkiller and Talk Back, eventually plumping for the latter. It’s a great rack with flashes of Stereolab (a pretty obvious comparison) and also a band called The Aluminium Group who some may know. The funk base line and rolling drums anchored to a 4/4 with accompanying handclaps (you can’t beat handclaps) keep it moving very nicely indeed as the vocals and melodies come in and out. It’s a really great track from a great album.


Playlist Thursday 26th July 2012

Today’s commute was a trip down to London from the north. The travelling I can live with, but what I hate is, having to wear a suit when it is boiling hot. In my normal day to day work I don’t have to, but when hitting London HQ I do. What has that got to do with the music? Nothing really, just fancied a moan. Anyway, on the train I jumped and the thing I do like about this journey is that it sometimes gives me the opportunity to do boring things like binning tons of emails: so there I happily sat listening to music and working through the rock and roll life that is managing an inbox..hold tight.

Recently I have downloaded some new music and so a few of them got a roll out today. First up was a single track by The Smiths, a version of This Charming Man from a Peel Session that appears on Hatful Of Hollow and which I think is a much better than the original. After that I went to some new albums: first was the splendid album by The Chap, followed by the latest album from the just as splendid Wave Pictures – Long Black Cars. If you have never heard of them think a cross between Jonathan Richman and Violent Femmes via England kitchen sink. As I approached Kings Cross I went to the alt country Deep Dark Woods album, The Place I Left Behind which lasted me till I hit work and which put me in a suitably laid back mood after a rather harassed tube journey induced by it being the day before the Olympics starts. Anyway, all of the above are great albums and if you are looking for something new, be sure to check them out.

Playlist: The Smiths – This Charming Man (Peel Session), The Chap – We Are Nobody (album), The Wave Picture – Long Black Cars (album), The Deep Dark Woods – The Place I Left Behind (album).

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