06 Mar

The Carter Bros – Star Time

TCBSTThe family are away at the moment so i'm finding it tough to sleep and as such woke up probably more tired than when i went to bed so as i clambered aboard the rusty and rickety silver tin can they try to pass off as a train to begin my voyage to the Metropolis that is Paris I needed something with some real energy and fun in. Which after a bit of flicking through the playlists i found in The Carter Bros – Star Time. 

Such is the cyclic nature of dance music it was only a matter of time before there was a resurgence of Acid tinged house music, and over the last few months there have been some humdingers my favourite of which is the above mentioned track.

This track really cracks me up, not as much as the video granted, but even so it's a proper bit of insane Acid wobble that kind of has me giggling to myself. Like all Acid house it's very monotonous, with a very simple 2step arp bass line that typically just changes via way of the resonance filter being slowly tweaked. The beat is repetitive and thumping and while that could be seen as somewhat boring it really isn't, with plenty of little flourishes underneath it to keep let you know it's progressing.

I do understand though if it's not to your liking but having been round to see the original wave of acid house releases it really carries a huge sense of nostalgia with it for me – again especially when you pair it with the somewhat hilarious video of ravers dancing.  

It's on the amazing Melbourne Deepcast label, and dropped back in December I think, either way give it a try.

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