21 Dec

The 13th Tribe – End Of The World 2K12

00114So next up on this festive double treat is the equally amazing “End of the World” offering from The 13th Tribe, in which the guys have collected a group of edgy cuts together and built a soundcloud set/compilation that over the duration of December they’ve been adding a free downloadable track to each day. But make no mistake these are not throwaway tracks they are polished and mastered and the quality is something i’d happily have paid for, but thankfully didn’t have to 🙂

The 13th Tribe are a very talented collective based in both Glasgow and Santiago, and boy does that show through in their productions. They have been busy for a couple of years now, dropping music on Ninjatune, Gen Bass, Post World Industries and 2600 recordings to name a few, and wrongly I’d always associated them with reasonably straight up hip hop material. That was until this current set dropped in my in box and i was pretty blown away with the sheer diversity of it, taking in Disco, Hip Hop, Ragga, Moonbathon, Deep House, Afrobeat and even Blues and Folk…it’s as diverse and refreshing a listen as I’ve heard in a long time. Vocal tracks, instrumentals and remixes all sit tightly together and ooze pure class. I’m not going to lie, there are some difficult parts that if you’re not into the specific genre might make it slightly hard work at times but the flow of the compilation is so nice that you never feel your standing still for long. The fact you can then download the parts you like to hammer on your MP3 player for FREE is, for me, amazing, and it’s times like this you realise how useful the internet can truly be.

15 years ago this kind of thing just wouldn’t have been possible and many of these beats just wouldn’t have been heard, or the Tribe would have been locked into a label asking them to do the same thing over and over, because financially you just couldn’t have experimented with the freedom these guys have done here.

Stand out moments for me are the reworking of Saul Williams spoken word the 7th Octave, Can U see the Light, Afreeka feat Mary Martins and Projekt Kosmonaut.

Anyway, i suggest you check it out, and grab what you can while you because some of the tracks are limited and they won’t all be up for free for ever… enjoy, have a great christmas and see you back here for more great music in the new year.

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