07 Sep

Th Radio Dept – Repeated Sodomy

After a final 2 pretty crazy weeks i am now on 2 weeks holiday, with little plans other than to relax with the family in the Malta sunshine. So my track picks for the next couple of weeks will be more about what im listening to / we are getting sent than the journey to work. Todays track was inspired by those (quite often annoying) facebook reminders of posts you put up in the past. Yesterday it threw up a post i did on this blog4 years ago – The absolutely amazing Heavens on Fire by one of my favourite bands, the swedish Indie Pop class that is The Radio Dept.


I can not believe that track was posted 4 years ago. Funnily, the whole post was about the last rays of summer, but living in Malta those reference points are completely different. But it still doesn't change how great the track is. Also in the post i talked a fair bit about their ability to steal the best parts of Indie past and merge it with their own style and their amazing ear for a melody. I wont go over it again but todays track is more of the same. Its just indie gold, from the title, to the guitars to the drumming to the melody. And i do not mean that in a derogatory way at all. It is absolutely f'ing brilliant and i have had it on repeat ever since. Bring on the album i say. What a great band who i don't think get the coverage they deserve.

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