19 Jul

The Magnetic Fields – Save A Secret For The Moon

It's going to be a quick one tonight but a track from one of my favourite artists/bands. I have been binging on the Magnetic Fields stuff over the last two days as I travel to and from work and then it dawned on me that I hadn't put up anything from them before, which is quite frankly outrageous. So time to rectify that.


Most people will know Stephin Merritt and his work as the Magnetic Fields, but if you don't you are missing out on some of the best independent pop there is. He is a true master when it comes to a pop hook and a brilliant lyric but carried with a bit of edge. Get lost which is the album tonight's track is from is probably my favourite. It's amazing that it came out in 1995 and was such a great homage to 80s synth/electronic pop when no one else was going near it. Save a secret for the moon is a perfect example, it opens with such energy via the beautiful melody and that building rush/whine and then opens with a fantastic couple of lines "I know all the names of your tears, the number of those lonely years". It is 3 minutes of pop perfection. Brilliant.

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