14 Dec

Terminé – Sideways (Roisto Remix)

As you will know both Fourbearsjr and myself like a bit of dance laden pop, and todays effort sits firmly in that category courtesy of awesome Finnish label Youth Control and their go to guy Roisto.


If you follow the blog you'll know we've always had a specific fondness that late 80's soul style favoured by groups such as Phoenix, Tiger City, Telivisor, Lenno and Passion Pit. It's quite a specific sound, that pumped and filtered synth laden funk sound – disco guitar licks, catch as anything synth hooks, melodies layered and counter points through out that dreamy vocal chorus.


Terminé is actually a side project for Anton Sonin (who's worked with Super8tab and AMX) and Ben Andreas. It's focused on the more Indie end of the spectrum – again referencing bands like Phoenix and Ladyhawke if not directly certainly by sound, but it's certainly the remix that do the job for me. 


It's a lovely dancefloor friendly AM radio sound, that is equally at home on your mp3 player as it is in a bar, or small room club, and Roisto nails it perfectly here (which is hardly surprising considering his previous output).  


Anyway, we’re fans of Youth Control, and we’ve featured a lot of their output, but that’s because they’ve consistently been putting out some of the best Nu-Disco tracks of the last 12 months. Yes, they spread their wings into the indie dance genre this time out, but the whole package is unmistakably YC’s and it doesn’t suffer for that diversity.


So check it out, and support.



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