10 Dec

Tensnake – Congolal

It's very easy in these digital days to treat music as disposable. Buying it is a relatively easy task, downloading it even more so, and with the lack of physical medium people tend to forget that a lot of pain and effort goes into getting a release out. 

So its really nice when you realise a track has been floating around in your playlists for a long long time, such as Tensnake – Congolal has for me.

Now Tensnake, probably, needs no introduction. Over the last few years Marco Niemerski has become something of a household name in the deep house and nu-disco scenes. Mainly thanks to the massive Coma Cat hit in 2010, but also due to his brilliant reworks of better known artists such as Friendly Fires and the fact he's absolutely nailed that early 90's proto-deep house sound.

But he'd been floating aorund for a few years remix work for Junior Boys and releases on Germanys might Running Back Records, and the track that really caught my attention was the above named track. The thing i really love is how 80's it sounds. Now, I know the 80's is a bit of a cliched theme right now in music, re-edits to remixes anyone with a DX7 is knocking it out, and that's no bad thing because i bloody love it but few for me have really nailed the 80's soul weekender sound like Tensnake did.

It pretty much sounds like a Loose Ends B-side/dub version, from the Tropical rhythmic section to the bouncing walking bassline it just ooozes smart casual.

Anyway, the track has long been a huge favourite of mine, it got remixed on Tensnakes live album and that is also really very good, but as is often the case it's the original i most often find myself coming back to.


Playlist Monday 10th December 2012

No real playlist today as it was my first day back after a week off and I'd stupidly forgotten to charge my mp3 player, i booted it up to check a new track i'd been working on myself and then jumped form there to Tensnake – Congolal after spotting it in the play list… my mp3 player lasted till the end of it and then decided to die.

what can i say?

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