14 Apr

Ten Walls – Walking with Elephants (Original Mix)

So it's been a crazy few days, and i woke up with a thumping headache and as music was off the agenda i've decided to grab a freebie today in the utterly magnificent:

Ten Walls – Walking with Elephants (Original Mix)

One of my favourite tracks of last years was Requiem by Ten Walls, it's a track i never quite got around to blogging but it's must have track, deep and rolling techy house. Now if you didn't know Ten Walls is actually an alias for the mighty Marijus Adomaitis (aka Mario Basanov), who any follower of the blog will know is one of my favourite dance music producers. Yesterday i was browsing the on lines – beatport and the such and i noticed he'd released a new EP under the Ten Walls alias, Walking with Elephants.

So I grabbed it without even listening to it, and damn did it turn out to be a superb track.

Something I've always really enjoyed about Adomaitis work is the natural sounds he brings to electronic production and Walking with Elephants is no different, big strings, and a synth brass (yes I know that's not natural but even so) coupled witha  fantastic shuffling beat. The feeling is ethnic,and the track whilst sparse and brooding in it's sounds brings a completely contrasting emotion in it's upbeat and lifting feel.

To be honest it's not that often we'll blog something that’s only just been released, or is on the cusp of being released but today’s choice is so darn good, and such a favourite artist of mine it was never going to be any other track. 

Walking With Elephants by Ten Walls

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