05 Jan Telephones

Telephones – Blaff

First things first and a massive Happy New Year to all our readers, we're hoping the New Year finds you well and if it doesn’t hopefully today’s choice will cheer you up.

I started back to work today and i'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy, I spent the majority of the holidays away with my family and as such it was very chilled and relaxed and I was able to reflect on some of the amazing music I heard over the year which has lead me to today’s choice:

Telephones – Blaff

Blaff is just one of those beautiful melodic deep house tracks that has such a multitude of layers that you will constantly find something new and captivating about it months after you first heard it. Filtered stabs and arpeggio bass and melody just float along, shining away dragging you with it. 

As most readers will know i love tracks that mutate slowly over time and the way this just brings layer after layer, and counter melodies that you don't notice till they are gone…. it's just lovely and is about as sun drenched a slice of deep house you will find this side of the solar system..

Came out back in the Summer of 2014 I think  on the superb Running Back Records it's a track that is never far from my listening.


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