17 Mar

Teleman – Strange Combinations


As I sat down to do this post tonight, I couldn’t actually remember the last time I blogged on the site – it’s been that mad over the last few weeks. So something had to go up tonight and I thought I would go with this cheeky new track.

Strange Combinations by Teleman..

Their work (well most of them anyway) as Pete and The Pirates passed me by but I do quite like the stuff released as Telemann, particularly the awesome Skeleton Dance from the last album – a track that my son absolute loves.

This is the first track from their new album and it’s been getting heavily played by the likes of 6 music. It’s more electronic than their previous stuff, moving a bit into Hot Chip territory, but it’s all the better for it. It really is a lovely slice of indie, electronic pop and that groove and cowbell is far too catchy. Like Skelton dance I will be singing it for days. Top draw

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