05 Feb

tape_hiss – The Panic In Needle Park

House is a strange genre of music (ed: it's not really), it has so many subdivisions out there that it's almost impossible to keep track of what's what, so I'm a firm believer in going with what you enjoy.For me when it comes to house music it has to have soul and emotion, and that's exactly what I think today's choice is all about.


tape_hiss – The Panic In Needle Park


I know very little about Tape_hiss, I featured a remix by him last week, the Vincent Floyd rework (you can find it here), and I'm going to feature a track I've been waiting to be released for a couple of months now, and I'm breaking from the norm here by blogging a track that isn't already available – it kind of goes against what we practice here, because we like to cover music that you can get without being on someone's mailing list – but with a release date now imminent, and me bumping the remix, and constantly listening to the track on youtube I reckon it's ok to break the rules.


Named after the 1971 film, The Panic in Needle Park (full track below) is a beautiful ethereal piece of music. The track is somewhat hypnotic in it's feel but  the snappy Chi-House style drums sit under warm filtered pads that open and close slowly over the course of the track keeping it moving and growing over the tracks 6 minutes, whilst a filtered piano and strings style keyboard delivers a beautiful simple counter melody.


In a lot of ways it reminds me of Charles Webster, and the Subwoofer labels releases in the 90's that, snappy but rough drum sound, those melodies, those pads and the swing to the tracks, it may not be a direct influence and I hate making comparisons but it's there for me.


The track isn't out until the 15th February, and even then it's a vinyl only release, but god damn it's good.


Even better Love Notes From Brooklyn have made a remix of the track available as free download (a teaser for the excellent full EP), which in itself is a bloody excellent take on the track, cleaner more dance friendly – and far more about the melody than the pads (jump to below the track video for that)


Anyway, it's a great track, will be available form Juno and a few other places from the 15th.




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