24 Oct

tape_hiss – Two Fathoms

I've said this a few times but Deep House is such a difficult genre to nail down, the current crop of chart storming house influenced tracks could certainly fit the mold, but as with things like Hip Hop it's really all about personal perspective and preference. For me Deep House is predominantly instrumental soulful sounding genre, Rhodes piano chords, Square Wave basstone and agitated complex drum patterns.


It's most certainly the reason i'm a big fan of Brooklyns tape_hiss's musical output and i wanted to feature Two fathoms today’s choice for a while – sadly life gets in the way and i'm only now getting around to it. Better late than never though and I'm sure you'll agree it's a wonderful take on the deep techy Chicago sound of Artists like Theo Parissh, Kevin Saunders.


Slowly building (in feel not Tempo) the track starts out very light, with a filter swept synth stab underlined with a warm Rhodes chord that locks the whole track together. The Bass line is busy but the drums are the difference between this being a loungey 6am warm down track and a full on dancefloor destroyer (which i Assure you it is). They constantly change, pattern, sound timbre and tone – fast stuttering snares and 100mph hi hats all lock the drum track together in true 80's house style..


Its a great piece of music, enjoy.



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