21 Aug

Tame Impala – Remember Me

Today was my first day back after 2 weeks off, so it was a bit painful getting out of bed and getting off to work. As I have been away I have had no time time to really check out anything new, so on went the radio, and after my friend giving me grief the other day that we have too many freebies on the blog, I was determined to blog a track that came on or was track linked in some way.

I really wanted something to lift my mood and I was chuffed when Shady Lane by Pavement came on, one of my favourite bands. But before that, Elephant by Tame Impala was played. Not a bad track, I quite like the glam, clomp stomp nature of it, but whenever I hear Tame Impala I always think of their cover of Blue Boys, Remember Me. So that is my pick today.

Most will know the original which itself is a sample of a live version of Marlena Shaw’s Woman of the Ghetto. Both of these tracks are immense, and it is a bit odd that Impala covered a track which is a sample, but it is an ace groove that they pretty much destroy (in a good way) and bring a nice freak out element to it. A bit of fun to brighten my first day back.

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