07 Apr

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

When I decided to do todays post I had to check back through the archives because i just couldn't believe neither of us had blogged it at any point. Yes, it's a chestnut, but for good reason as it might just be one of the best songs ever written (actually no might about it – it is). It's certainly a point where Fourbearsjr and myself's musical taste really first converged, as kids we both listened to quite different music. We always had an interest in the same genres but whilst i was more Hip Hop and Soul FBJ was more indie and guitar, but here was a band and track that met both our needs and as a result "speaking in toungues" it's one of the few records we both have in our collections.


So how did it come up? Well the other day I was watching Gortimer Gibbons together with my son (still a f*cking brilliant program) when he remarked that the theme tune made him sad and happy at the same time, resulting in me trying to explain the meaning of melancholy in a way that a 6 year old might actually get it. When he ultimately asked me to play him some Melancholic music I like I simply HAD to play him "This must be the place – Talking Heads", which meant it got pulled and got played repeatedly for about an hour whilst we sat in the sun listening.


There are so many great things to love about this song, the lyrics are possibly one of the greatest love songs ever written, and much like Rock the Casbah by the clash the way the song came about is a great little story – all the band members decided to change instruments and jam for a bit and ended up with a simple 4/4 groove they just locked into for four minutes (hence the tracks reference to Naive Melody) .

So which version to feature? So many good ones, it's one of those tracks that transfers to the live environment really well though none of them quite nail the wondrously fantastic sound of that prophet bassline. A favourite version of mine is from the Film "This must be the place" where Byrne perofms it on his own, and obviously stop making sense, but I always end up going back to the original, i guess mainly because as some YouTuber commented on one "Nothing is better then this, not even the same band playing the same song….God was in the studio that night…. "


He may just be right…..


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