08 Aug

The Sylvers – Come Back Lover

Done a lot of travelling this week, so posts have been a bit sporadic as i've been on a flaky connection for the last few days.. it also meant my commute was with work colleagues so headphones on and music wasn't really the done thing. 

So i'm taking a freebie, the magnificent:

The Sylvers – Come Back Lover

The Sylvers, if you don't know, were a family group specialising in R'n'B, Soul and Disco throughout the 70's & 80's. They were widely regarded as rivals to the Jacksons but never quite managed to break through in the same way. 

Anyway, come back lover is one of my favourite tracks by them, from their 1981 album, 'Concept', it was largely written and produced by the legendary producer Leon Sylvers III who'd left the group to work with Solar records, and rejoined once Solar signed them.

The track is typical of Sylvers work, male vocal, with female backing, a picked guitar and a huge waling bass line all rounded off with a huge string arrangement that brings the counter melody.

It's also got an insane one minute soft intro, so hang around as when it kicks in it's huge, and do stick around for the outro when the track literally soars.

So there you, short but sweet post, huge track:

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