09 Feb

Syl Johnson – Is it because I’m Black (David August Live Reconstruction)

Posting a couple of days late as it's my birthday and I have been buys. As it is my birthday I have decided I'm going to post whatever the hell I want, and what I want to post is David Augusts awesome rework of Syl Johnson's classic 70's ode to empowerment "Is it because i'm black".


Call it a reconstruction, call it a remix, or call it a re-edit the fact is it thumps along. Taking the opening stanza looping it and pitching it up a fair bit, adding a subtle drum track and working the once downtempo soul tune into a soulful dancefloor killer.


It made an appearance on his Boiler Room DJ/Live set (hence the video with the super bad dad dancing by August), and I don't "think" it ever got a full release but there are versions available to grab on various compilations etc… 


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