22 Jun

Sweet Tooth T – She Can’t Love You

Greg Wilson should be a familiar name to all our readers, his DJ sets and re-edits have been a staple part of this, and the Interesting Blends, blog over the years we've been running. But legendary status or not touching a classic is always dangerous territory, be it a re-edit or a cover version when you do it you'd better get it right or face the consequences for a long long time. So when I found out that Greg Wilson and his Super Weird Substance collective were taking on the mighty She Can't Love you by Chemise i was, apprehensive. 

It is literally one of my favourite club tracks of all time, the bass line, the drums, the vocal – they just capture everything I love about 80's boogie and it's a huge task to cover it and make it just different enough to make it worth doing, but I needn't have worried though as they utterly nailed it.

Acting as an executive producer on this track Greg enlisted the engineering skills of Tyrell from PTA edits and, after years of searching, the lead vocals of Katherine Reynolds from "The Reynolds" and set out to recreate the track. Sound wise it's about as close you're going to get without playing the original, it's a bit cleaner the original having a grittier sound but boy does the beat and bass hit. A longer drum intro and well timed drops along with Reynolds lyrical adlibs flip the track just enough to make it worth playing instead of the original.

It's actually the second in the Super Weird Substance series, 8 singles that will be released over the course of the summer, the first of which is the wonderful and psychedelic disco of "Summer came my Way" by Greg Wilson featuring The Reynolds, that is actually out today. Sweet Tooth T is the second in the series and there are release by Kermit Leveridge and the Super Weird Society and The Reverend Cleve Freckleton & The Sinners. The output is eclectic, covering 80's soul, indie dance, pysch-disco and it's a pleasure to see a label that isn't rigidly adhering to one specific style of output – I guess that’s to be expected considering Greg’s DJ style has always been about genre hopping putting great music ahead of the expected.

Super Weird Substance as a label is born out of the Wilson curated Super Weird Susbtance events. More than a simple club night Super Weird Substance is a movment based on the experimental "Happenings" of the 60's where people would gather to enjoy Dj's, experience and discuss art and live bands – a series of the Super Weird Substance Events have been run all throughout the UK with more planned to happen over the near future.

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