02 Mar

Sun Kil Moon – Neverending Math Equation

So it's going to be a short one tonight as I have covered mark kozelek/sun kil moon before and he is well known to most. I am a big fan of his work and I have been meaning to stick this track up for forever so when it came on today I did.


the weather in malta is really getting great now, beautiful, warm sunshine in the morning as I cruise to work and so when a track like this comes on it makes me darn happy. This is a cover of the modest mouse track (brilliant in its own right). But kozelek takes the spiky, angular, math rock of the original and turns it into a beautiful, slice of countryish rock, smoothing off the edges and using mutlitracking on his voice to really accentuate the melody. It really is something and I can't help but get emotional when I hear it – it also adds a differing emotional slant to the lyrics. Plus I love singing it at the top of my voice- it's great for that.

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