22 Nov

Sun Airway – Close

So I am being a bit naughty this week as both my posts are going to be freebies. I did have every intention of playing the old link to work game but conversation got going in the car and I could barely remember anything that came on the radio.

The upside is I get to share something really lovely with you by Philadelphia’s Sun Airway, from their latest album – Soft Fall. I really loved their first album – Nocturne Of Exploded Crystal Chandelier that came out in 2010. It was a superb blend of erm, psych pop electronica, kind of thing, a bit like Animal Collective meets New Order. It really was amazing stuff. So I got quite excited when I saw they had another album out and it’s another blinder. While it still has many of the same components as its predecessor, its production is clearer/sharper with a bit more slicing and dicing of sounds and the pop elements polished a touch further. But this doesn’t lessen its quality, the songs are still brilliant, the sonics and timings still pushing it and driving it away from the norm which gives the songs a real energy and emotion.

It was really hard to pick a track from the album but in the end I have gone for the 1st main track on the album ‘Close’. I am not going to bang on about it, just check it out..i am really not lying to you when I say it is tremendous. And if you like it then do check out the album, you won’t be disappointed (and if you decide to watch the video stay with it to the end)

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