15 Dec

Sugar Chile Robinson – Christmas Boogie

Every year I try to post up at least 1 Christmas track, so here goes. Every year I bang on about how much I love Christmas. It's true, I do. Like most things some of my best memories of Christmas are of the music that was played, even carols (I really love carols)


Then over the years i have picked up more Christmas songs that I add to the playlist. A few years ago I came across a great christmas album called Papa ain't no santa clause, mama ain't not Christmas tree. It's made up of a lot of old tracks from blues to boogie woogie and one of the best on there in my opinion is today's track from Sugar Chile Robinson. The lyrics are really great and it's got a great melody and warm sound that when it comes on it just makes people smile.


i hope it makes it on to your Christmas playlist.



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