20 Jul

Sudden Impact feat Jessica Lauren – Clear Space

Ooh its just going to be a quick one tonight and i am taking it back to the early nineties, just at the death of Acid Jazz and the beginnings of big beat/break beat.


I was working from home today and so was checking out some music. Then my son stole my tablet for a while so i went to vinyl for the first time in quite a while and started playing through some funk and jazz stuff. Today's track came up quite randomly but it was great to hear and reminded me how good it easy. This is one of the earliest things i ever bought on Soul Jazz. Plenty of stuff from this time has dated terribly but while Clear Space has dated, to me it still sounds fantastic. It reminds me of the awesome Blacker by the Ballistic brothers which would follow a few years after. The groove on this gets going and then never lets up with a fantastic bass line and break – fender Rhodes and guitar sample come in and then as the track progresses you get some lovely soloing on the Rhodes as well as some great strings.


Considering how old the production is it still carries a lot of weight and you can't help but get hooked into it. Lovely stuff.

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