15 Sep

Stompy’s Playground – Harmonic (Kidsuke Cover)

3 things. 1) these are the last few days of my holiday..booo. 2) We are getting sent some great stuff at the moment (thank you). 3) I am starting to make a habit of posting up live instrumentation/re-works of electronic and other types of tracks. Tonights is another great example.


I don't know much about Stompy's playground other than what they have on their website – they are a 12 piece from London and they recreate electronic music using orchestral instruments and electric bass and drums. If you head to their soundcloud page their is some great content their including a lovely cover of Jai Paul (they do original stuff too). Tonights track is off their new EP Reworks One where they taken on artists like Sluagebd, Luke Abbott and the track i have posted, Kidsuke. To be honest, i wasn't familiar with the original so i went and checked it out. Its a a really lovely track and i think they have stayed pretty faithful to the original, but they definitely bring something to it. The tempo seems a bit slower, the warmth of the instrumentation, they all seem to give the track some additional weight and emotion (those strings certainly do). Its also cleaner which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


A really beautiful track from a really lovely EP that you can actually get for free from their website. If you can, also spend some time on their soundcloud page as there is some really nice stuff there too.

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