16 May

Steve Mason – A lot of love


I didn't have a commute today, but wanted to stick this track up. Its a beauty and came on my headphones a couple of days a go when i was heading to work. It was quite early in the moring and i was marching down a quiet Oxford Street. WHile still a little cold, that kind of (almost) summer morning sun was out and it was that lovely crisp feel.

And then todays track came on and i thought yes.. The track is A lot of love from Steve Mason's new album. Most people will know of his work via the excellent Beta Band  (the immortal line in High Fidelity – I will now sell 5 copies of the 3 eps by the Beta Band) and maybe from his King Biscuit Time stuff (which includes the truly amazing I walk the earth, a track that no person shuld be without). Todays track is a great example of what he does so well and has run through the music that i just mentioned. A laid back shuffle, beautiful melodies and great lyrics that turn that emotional screw. Its the sort of track that i want everyone i know to hear and makes me think of us all having a beer and nodding our heads in total agreement of the tracks absolute quality. Put it on and think of the sun…and the rest of the album is fantastic too.


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