19 Aug

Steve Leroy – In Your Soul (Original Mix)

Gotta say the quality of material we've had sent through of late has been absolutely phenomenal and this is another great track that has landed in my inbox over the weekend and got hammered on my commute this morning.

Steve Leroy – In Your Soul (Original Mix)

Detroit throws up lots of great music but i've got to be honest deep house is not something i normally associate with Detroit, Techno and Tech-house and Ghetto funk etc… yeah. But Deep house not so much, so it's nice to hear some deep thumping polished house from there (albeit by way of Atlanta)that holds up well to anything coming from Miami, New York, LA, London or Berlin.

The track starts out reasonably routinely, typically fidgeting house beat with a female vocal chopped over the top, but that slowly gives way to a mesmeric melody consisting of bass line and a filtered stab, it then builds and flows lot's of nice half bar breakdowns to keep the energy flowing and movement on the pads and stabs that never let you feel like you're listening to a loop. Now I like tracks that have noticeable head nods and reference points subtly hidden away in them and In Your Soul is one of them, lots of little flourishes that lead me back to Leroy’s point of origin – Strings of Life providing the stab being the most prominent (listen to that 4 minute mark breakdown – it's awesome), but also little drum switches and the filtering of the stabs etc.. really lead me back to people like Kevin Saunderson – and yes it may not be as iconic as those guys output but there are some genuine moments in this and his other productions that really deserve their day in the spotlight, and i thin we’ll be hearing a bit more from Leroy in the not too distant future.

Plus i have to say, it's really nice to hear a deep house track that isn't minimal and stripped right back to basics but is all about the pounding groove it could quite easily sit in among the Crosstown Rebels sound.

The remix pack is good, the Dro and Terrance and Dink remixes both delivering version that are just different enough to warrant buying all three, but never lose sight of the original track, and it's very much worth checking other tracks on the Deep-Cover soundcloud, “Can’t see You” being another belter of a track.

It's available on Beatport and Juno

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