29 Mar

Steve Leroy – The Devils Ride (Road Man)

I've never really been an "oh my god, it's Friday!" type of person, i tend to just get on with it but things have been quite hectic and this morning for the first time in ages i got up and thought, "oh my god, it's Friday!". I'd like to say i did a little fist pump but i could barely speak let alone get too excited about it.

Anyway, i digress, the point is i needed to get some real energy into my system and as I departed for work i decided to go quite full on with a deep techy house playlist, and after about 15 minutes on came today’s choice:

Steve Leroy – The Devils Ride (Road Man)

Not gonna mess about this is straight up deep pumping Detroit tech house. 

We've featured Mr Leroy before the magnificent In your Soul but this is a much more darker, trance enducing track –  not trance in the music but trance in that it's just locks in and drives along at a steady building tempo, the type of track that on the right dancefloor just takes you along for the ride.

The drums are clean and skippy and there is a huge sense of energy behind the track that is well aided and abetted by the risers and builders. The melody is simple and looped, the main lead filtered and effected in that typical tech house way so you never lose it but it never stands still, and it's all the more catchier for it. The many elements of the track are introduced slowly but each part is perfectly timed. In all honesty it reminds me a lot of the 90's era label Tribal. Artists like Deep Dish and Murk –  solid clean production but with a real sense of sleaze about it. A long time ago, in my youth, i made the pilgrimage to Crobar in New York – it was new, it was dark and Danny Tenaglia was the resident, and this would have fitted in perfect.

Out on Deep Cover records, it's a four track EP with similarly tinged deep house, but for me the Road man version is the stand out.


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