30 Mar

Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson – Just Hold On (TJH87 Remix)

Look, I know your eyebrows are raised right now, but lets get past the elephant in the room and accept the fact i'm posting a track by Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson, ok. Yeah, it's not an artist(s) you'd normally associate with us as a blog, not that there is anything wrong with his music I firmly belive that people should like what they like, it's just not in keeping with what we usually feature.


So why are we featuring it? Well simply because it's another cracking little (not little) remix by the dynamic duo TJH87.


The thing I like about TJH87, and i'm sure I say this every time, is they are genuine musical chameleons. Sure they work within the realms of EDM (to a degree) but I dare you listen back o their last 4-5 tracks and find a specific genre that collectively their music sits in. That's a rare skill to have, and i struggle to think of many artists that can produce tracks so different yet are so clearly theirs.


What I really like here is if you contrast the two different versions of the track (there are actually 8 but, hey!) there are actually massive similarities, beyond the voice, whilst at the same time sounding completely different in both atmosphere and emotion, taking it down a darker alley whilst maintaining a larger dance floor feel. 


Anyway, it's a great track and whilst it might be different to what I normally feature for me it's a great little departure from the norm. 


The guys, to celebrate the release, have produced a spotify play list of their favourite tracks from a similar genre (kind of) providing an exploration through post-Trance as they say.



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